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Jo Ann has been an RN for over 33 years and has a Family Nurse Practitioner for the past 17 years. Her nurse training began at Barnes Hospital School of Nursing followed by 20 years of service at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, MO, a major Midwest teaching hospital, affiliated with Washington University. Her career includes over 15 years of ICU and ER experience as well as work in the cardio-thoracic recovery room and as a lung transplant coordinator. She completed her Bachelors degree in Nursing from Webster University and in 1999 graduated from University of Missouri St. Louis with her Masters in Nursing-Family Nurse Practitioner degree. As a Nurse Practitioner she has worked in interventional cardiology, emergency room, urgent care and family practice.

She became interested in alternative methods of health long before her formal nurse training. Life experiences and study led her to find ways to decrease stress, promote healing and wellness and to understand the mind, body, spirit connection. She is a certified Healing Touch practitioner, licensed HeartMath provider, Holistic Stress Reduction Instructor, certified guided imagery practitioner and also trained in aromatherapy, reiki and hypnosis. She has completed a fellowship in anti-aging medicine by American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, trained with the Institute of Functional Medicine. This additional training has very effectively complemented and expanded her ability to integrate multiple modalities to more effectively treat the whole person.

The past several years the focus of her practice has been coaching and supporting patients as they seek out and pursue wellness on an emotional and mental level, as well improved physical health through the use of alternative and standard medical therapies. Emphasis has been on educating and empowering people to make the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to support a healthier life which is in line with their own personal goals. Recognizing the unique individuality of each person in her care enabled a very supportive and sacred space for healing and wellness to manifest.

Description of Services

Healing Touch: Healing Touch is a therapy that was developed by a nurse, Janet Mentgen, and has been used by healthcare professionals in hospitals and in private practice. Receiving a Healing Touch treatment helps to restore and balance energy that has been blocked due to stress, illness, injury or grief. The goal is to restore balance and harmony in the human energy system, creating and optimal environment for the body’s ability to self heal. Intention of this treatment modality is to promote relaxation which can then aid the body’s innate healing ability.

Reiki:(ray-key). A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. A spiritual, life force energy, The word Reiki translates to Universal Life Energy. Reiki helps to support mental clarity and spiritual wellbeing.

HeartMath: HeartMath is an extensively researched system that encourages and aids individuals to find a deeper connection with their own heart. The methods used are simple yet very effective to increase focus, decrease stress and bring about an ability to “be in the zone”. A place where we are at peace and able to function at our very best capacity. These HeartMath techniques are used in professional sports, business and learning institutions to improve performance and decrease fatigue. With regular use there is a resilience that is developed called coherence. Coherence is a state of synchronization between your heart, brain and anatomical nervous system. Coherence can be viewed as a simultaneous state of relaxation, readiness/focus and revitalization.

Sound therapy: Sound can have a powerful effect on our emotions. Think of all the ways sound can be used to alert us, to sooth us or to stimulate a certain feeling or emotion. Sound therapist believe that we are all made up of atoms which vibrate at various frequencies. By utilizing sound, or different frequencies energetic shifts can be made to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, to name a few. At times people state feelings of “being stuck”. Using sound and specific sound frequencies, energy blockages may be cleared thus rebalancing the body’s flow of energy. Sound vibrations impact our nervous system and our whole organism down to a cellular level with the ability of engaging our relaxation reflex.

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